Welcome Ministry


At Basic Truth, it is our desire to make all of our guests, as well as our regular attendees feel welcome and have a meaningful, challenging, and pleasurable worship experience.  We strive to accomplish this through the use of our welcome ministry and simply by the people who share the love of Christ with all who attend.


Our welcome ministry involves our Hospitality Team and the duties are generally light. Members of our Hospitality Team serve in a variety of ways.  This team includes greeters and custodians, as well as insuring the church is properly decorated and that the set up is conducive for the service and/or the special events.


If you are interested in being a part of this team, please contact Mike at



Worship Ministry


Our worship experience at Basic Truth is very important to us.  This is the time where we sing praises to God and prepare our hearts for the message.  We offer live worship music that typically has an upbeat and contemporary feel, but we also mix in some of the “old favorites” from time to time as well.


We believe that music can penetrate the hearts of many people whose heart has been hardened to the spoken word.  Therefore, we design our worship service as a time for high energy praise as well as soft, heart-felt reflection.  All words and video clips are presented and projected on a large screen to enable and encourage participation during the praise and worship portion of our service.


Can you sing, play an instrument or do something else musical? If so, then our worship ministry might be for you!  We are always looking for more people to get involved on stage or behind the scenes with our worship team.


To get connected, email Jim or Kristi at



Adult Ministry


At Basic Truth, we feel it’s important to offer small group ministries in addition to our Sunday services.  These small groups allow for fellowship within the church as well as an opportunity to increase our biblical and spiritual knowledge.  Basic Truth offers Adult Bible Studies and occasionally a targeted study covering relevant topics. Our most recent was the Lee Strobel study “Case for Christ” which explored the evidence that brought Strobel from atheist to Christ follower.



Youth Ministry


Young people are the future of any church and Basic Truth is no exception.  At Basic Truth, we currently have a youth ministry group designed for younger, elementary aged children.  They meet for a junior church on Sunday mornings during the message portion for the main service.  We feel it is important and appropriate for our youth to participate in our Praise and Worship activities in the main service, for that reason, our junior church does not begin until it is time for the message to begin. This enables our youth to participate in our closing praise song as well.


If you are interested in helping with our youth ministry, please email Susan at



Outreach Ministry


Basic Truth Church understands the importance of outreach and evangelism, both inside and outside the walls of the church.  Currently, the church supports organizations such as The North Baltimore Area Cooperative Ministry, as well as Operation Christmas Child.


We also launched our BTC Movie Ministry.  We are so excited about this ministry that is designed to provide an opportunity for true community fellowship by coming together to enjoy a family-oriented Christian movie that is free to everyone.  To get more information on an upcoming movie or event happening soon,Click Here!



Tech Support Teams


If you are comfortable working with technology based applications, then one of our Technology Support Teams might be right for you.  These teams are integral to a successful Sunday morning service.  The technology support teams are as follows:


  • Sound Team - those involved in the sound have the responsibility of learning how to listen critically and running the soundboard during a service.  


  • Projection Team - Members of this team must be comfortable with using computers and are responsible for loading and running the screens for worship and during the message.  The screens are controlled through the use of current worship software systems.  Another responsibility is to record the live feed that is used during the service.


  • Lighting Team - This group is responsible for controlling and programming the lights during the service.  These include house lights, stage lights, and spot lights


The sound team members will be involved in a rotation on a week-to-week basis.  When you will be working on the sound during a service you will be expected to arrive early on Sunday morning to assist the Praise team with soundcheck and practice.


If you are interested in being a part of any of the Tech Support Teams, please email Kristi or Mike at



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