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Basic Truth Church was started in November, 2008.  It was inspired by a spiritual restlessness of its founders, Jim Baney, Jim Trimble, and Chris Baney, as well as the dedicated work, support, encouragement and urging of many others.  The premise of our church is to provide a place where people who already know the Lord or those who are searching can come and find a very welcoming and relaxed worship experience.  Basic Truth might provide a new or first time church experience for some or serve as an alternative for others who are disillusioned with their past or current church experience.


Our core beliefs at Basic Truth are built on the foundations and basics of the Holy Bible.  Basic Truth does not recognize any of the popular man-made doctrines, but relies solely on the bible as the inspired word of God, which serves as the guiding principles for the church.  This is typified in our church name "BASIC TRUTH", which demonstates our desire to get Back to the Basics by focusing on the Truth as found in God's Holy Bible.  

Jim Baney

Lead Pastor

Jim Trimble

Associate Pastor

Where to find us

Basic Truth Church

12389 Tank Farm Rd.

Cygnet, OH  43413

Sunday Morning 

Bible Study



Sunday Service

at 10:30am

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